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Birthday on partybus

Whether it is a surprise party or if you are organising your own big day, Partybus is an ideal solution for your party requirements! You can choose who you want to celebrate with and only your best friends and family will see you dance! You can really go crazy and you don't have to worry about where you leave your things as it is a private Bus! There is minimum hassle with simple billing and you don't have to pay for overpriced drinks you can bring your own! You can bring your own cake and decorations (or we can do it as well for a small extra fee). You can listen to your own music and you can sing, talk or shout! A Microphone is provided and you can show a slide or video on the LCD TV if required and even plan your own route for you to enjoy the city night. This party will be the best, the one everybody will be talking about years later! If you organize it as surprise you will be the best friend or family member forever!


Graduation party

If you want to celebrate together with the whole class or school year group, your best choice is the Partybushelyszínéről


Stag do / Hen night

If you chose Budapest you have alreafy made a good decision. However if you want to make this even better



On your special day the Partybus can take your quests from the church or registry office to the wedding recepti


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